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Master's Thesis (m/w/d) process engineering, textile technology, fiber technology, mechanical engineering

in the research area of innovative systems in aqueous media

Your mission is to take over a work package within the BMBF-funded project (Forschungscluster Modellfabrik Papier) focusing on “Innovative Systems in Aqueous Medium.” You will closely collaborate with experienced professionals in an interdisciplinary and collaborative working environment at the interface between science and industry in the paper sector. Your work package focuses on the press section of the paper machine. Increasing the efficiency of mechanical drying contributes to the overall efficiency of the process, as less water needs to be removed using thermal approaches. To effectively modify the press section, simulation models will also be used, for which experimental boundary conditions need to be determined initially.

Your mission

Your tasks

  • Planning of a laboratory setup for measuring the dewatering behavior of dryer felts under pressing conditions
  • Procurement of parts, assembly, and commissioning of the laboratory setup
  • Planning and execution of initial tests under standardized conditions
  • Characterization of the dewatering behavior of different felts under applied pressing pressure and resulting deformation
  • Development of an initial 2D model for CFD simulation of the press section considering the felt as a porous medium
  • Integration of experimentally obtained data into the simulation model by creating material constants for the flow resistance of the porous medium
  • Adjustment of the simulation model for precise prediction of the dewatering process in a paper machine based on the material data of the felt
  • Provision of a functional model for further development and adaptation
  • You are seeking a master’s thesis in the field of process engineering, textile engineering, fiber technology, mechanical engineering, or a related discipline
  • You prioritize topics related to environmentally friendly processes and sustainability (in the paper industry)
  • You have a practical inclination and are interested in assembling your own experimental setup
  • You already have some knowledge in fluid dynamics / fluid mechanics, CFD modeling, or you are looking to acquire these skills
  • You aim to expand your knowledge in analytical methods and statistical data analysis

Your profile

What we offer

  • Make your own contribution to a sustainable future by supporting groundbreaking research projects in the paper industry
  • Collaborate with an innovative and dynamic team in an excellent working atmosphere, including the freedom for your own creativity
  • Expand your network within the fields of science and the paper industry
  • Opportunity for remote work as a basis for family-friendly and flexible working conditions
  • Modern and excellently equipped research laboratory with a high degree of digitalization
  • Experience an open and constructive feedback culture
  • Direct integration into our daily scientific operations and excellent support due to proximity to the team
  • Opportunity to participate in regular team and company events
  • Networking events for exchanging ideas, projects, and interests


The Modellfabrik Papier will be built on the site of the Innovation Quarter at the Düren train station. Until the completion of our new building in early 2025, our activities will take place at the Jülich Research Center. Further office space is currently located in the CO_SPACE.DN.

Application documents to be submitted

  • Meaningful cover letter
  • Curriculum vitae
  • References
  • Desired/possible starting date
  • Salary expectation

We are looking forward to your application!
Please send your complete documents by e-mail to:

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us by phone:

Further information

We look forward to receiving your application

Stehendes Portraitbild von Beter Bekaert Geschäftsführer der Modellfabrik Papier (MFP).

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Peter Bekaert


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