With the Modellfabrik Papier, the paper industry is taking the initiative today to achieve the climate goals of tomorrow.


Leading the way for sustainable paper production.

CO2 emission-free production

Our primary goal is to defossilise paper production in order to make the entire industry climate-neutral and fit for the future.

Disruptive and fundamentally new approaches

The core processes concern paper production, energy provision, resource management and their innovative linkage.

Making the manufacturing process sustainable

We demonstrate solutions that reduce resource consumption, improve yields and further close raw material cycles.

Our goal: Climate-neutral paper production by 2045

Through innovative and disruptive research approaches, we want to save 80% of the energy required in the manufacturing process.
Three energy-intensive areas are in focus.

How can new fibre properties be created or used that have a high energy-saving potential when using the raw materials compared to conventional fibres? We take into account the processes of raw material preparation and the recyclability of the fibre materials.

Fleece formation makes an important contribution to the functional properties of the different paper qualities. We are researching which material properties of the papers result from the new fibres and developed processes.

In today's process, 99% water is removed from the aqueous dispersion to dry the paper web using energy-intensive processes. How can this process step be avoided or be made more energy-efficient?


energy saving

Shaping the future with innovative approaches

“Innovation needs creativity. Creativity meets paper. Paper accompanies us every day. We are shaping the future of paper!“
Peter Bekaert als Geschäftsführer der Modellfabrik Papier
Peter Bekaert
Managing Director

Hand in hand on the way to a common vision

An ambitious goal needs a competent network.

Scientific advisory board

Active and well-founded cooperation of renowned institutes from all relevant areas of paper production

Shareholders' Committee

A strong base with 19 shareholders from traditional and innovative applications as well as their suppliers


Cooperative support and networking as a basis for holistic solutions and innovative approaches

Comprehensive solutions

The paper industry offers ideal conditions for a flourishing, bio-based circular economy of the future.


Basic research in Technology Readiness Levels 1 to 6

Structural change

Embedded in the structural change of the Rhenish mining area


Break-through innovations and disruptive solutions


With European and international potential


Based on a Triple Helix model for innovation

Green Deal

Contributing to the climate goals of the Paris Agreement

Holistic approaches:
The 5 primary areas of our mission

Overall system & energy

Increasing energy and resource efficiency and embedding it in the overall system of the sustainable circular economy are essential.

Raw materials

In the Model Paper Factory, existing and new primary raw materials are customised and optimised for processing in more energy-efficient processes.

Processes & techniques

Through disruptive developments in papermaking, we aim to ensure the energy efficiency and climate neutrality of the paper product portfolio.


Digital twins of the newly developed papermaking processes incorporate new raw materials, manufacturing methods and closed-loop processes.


With the implementation of sustainable management on a bioeconomic basis, the Model Factory Paper ties in with the national bioeconomy strategy of the Federal Government.

Our initial situation
in the German paper industry


Recycling rate

With this high recycling rate, the paper industry is at the forefront and is thus a prime example of a sustainable circular economy.


CO2 emissions


From 1995 to 2018, specific CO2 emissions were reduced by 36% from 955 to 610 kg CO2 per tonne of paper.


Energy consumption


However, the paper industry still ranks 5th among German industries with a share of 6.7% of the total energy consumption of German industry.

Further information

If you want to learn more about us, you can find some interesting articles and news here.

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MFP News
Modellfabrik Papier appointed anchor project for the Rhenish mining area
The Modellfabrik Papier was appointed anchor project for the Rhenish mining region and is one of 19 showcases that are pioneering transformational change in the region.

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